Vinyl Cutter "Line of Death" Workaround With Signcut X2 and Mac




Hi everyone, hope this method works. There hasn't been alot of relief for those of us who suffer from the "line of death" when cutting large or intricate vinyl designs. First of all, what I'm experiencing is this: My vinyl cutter will be cutting just fine, until suddenly it sounds as if it's cutting a weeding line, but it's actually cutting a straight line from wherever it was at the moment straight to where it started cutting, i.e. a long diagonal cut across the entire piece of vinyl.

I don't exactly know what causes it, but I assume it either gets confused by complicated cuts or overloaded. In any event, it sure is frustrating crossing my fingers wondering if something will come out ok or be destroyed. So, after lots of fiddling around and a spare afternoon, I found a (so far anyway) fix to the problem.


Start with whatever intricate pattern you're cutting. I'm using a star with a notch cut out (to show which side is the top). I know it's not intricate at all, it's just an example...



Step 1: Rotate the object 90° clockwise (notice where the notch is now).



Step 2: Place tile lines vertically to cut-up the image. I printed a very intricate 36" X 32" web-pattern, and placed them every 6 inches (only vertically though).



Step 3: Activate only the furthest-left tile and cut it out.



This should be what your cut dialog box looks like. Enable Safe Longcuts turned on, no Weeding frame, 0.000 distance between copies.



This is what your tile dialog box should look like. Same basic options, i.e. no frames selected, and all set to 0.000.



After it cuts the first part, the blade should be aligned to cut the second part. Activate all the tiles except the second one and cut again.



Repeat again for the third section and however many are after that.



The end result was a star cut, which was oriented correctly when it spooled out (notch in the top, furthest away from the ground). So if you're cutting a design with some text, it will be spooled out horizontally with the top of the design the last part to be cut. The multiple cuts all lined up without a problem, and the end decal was a nice straight star with no nicks where the cuts met. I was pretty surprised how precise these things are!

Thanks readers, hope that helped!!!